John.H.Watson: “I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to say to
you. The problems of your past are your business. The problems of your
future are my privilege. It’s all I have to say, it’s all I need to

Donald, what a morning.
I have no idea how they got this. I specifically told my staff to
destroy everything. I can’t imagine-
It doesn’t matter how it happened. We can’t make it unhappen, so we have
to adapt.
Don’t they realize that this is a first draft? All we have here really
is a perception problem.
We don’t get a second chance at a first impression, Donald. You know
that. Now, look, I’m on your side, but Linda is furious.
What’s she saying?
They want to point fingers.
At me?
I told her we cannot do that. I mean, you are vital to this process. I’m
up to here with them, Donald– for lying, for turning their back on you.
You know, I’m of a mind to say screw it. I’ll fall on this grenade
myself, just to piss them off. Give me John King at CNN.
Wait, Frank. This is not your fault.
No, we have to protect your reputation.
But you’re the man that needs to get the bill through the house.
I will– hang on. I will assign it to one of my deputies, quietly manage
it, and I’ll help guide you through the process.
I am not comfortable with this.
Well, then what do you suggest we do? What a martyr craves more than
is a sword to fall on, so you sharpen the blade, hold it at just the
right angle, and then 3, 2, 1–
It should be me. It was my bill.
No. Impossible. Donald, education has been your life’s work.
The truth is my heart is not in this fight. You know me. I’m not a
wheeler dealer.
I can put my mind to policy, but I’m no good at this brand of
Well, if not you, then who?
It should be you, Frank. You’re formidable. People respect you. They
will follow your lead. Let me– let me be on the sidelines for this.
Well, I could only consider that as an option if I knew that I could
still come to you for counsel.
Of course. Whatever you need. Part of me is glad this got leaked. Well,
it would have been better if it hadn’t, but at least people know where I
Thank you, Donald.
Happy to do it, Frank.
He has no idea we’ve got six kids in the next room already working on a
new draft.
Stamper! But why dampen his mood by telling him? We just gave him a
great gift a chance to fulfill his destiny. Write up a statement for
Blythe– stepping aside, resh ideas, et cetera, et cetera, and make it
dignified. He’s a good man.
Oh. And bring me that Williams editorial.

初级Peter Pan

“All this does not mean that I’m not still basically pissed off with
you. I’m very pissed off, and it will come out now and then.”

Chapter Five: The Underground

Sherlock. Holmes: “Oh, doing your research. I’m not a hero. I’m a high
functioning sociopath.” “To the very best of times, John.”

After careful thought and discussion with my staff, I am relinquishing
my management of the education reform act. I hope to remain a part of
the process, but I won’t be working–
Why did you leak the draft?
I’m not exactly sure how it got leaked, but, uh, it does represent–
It came from your office, though, correct?
Uh, we wrote it, but I don’t–
Who’ll be managing the bill now?
Frank Underwood.
Was that your choice, or did the administration–
I feel very confident placing the bill in Frank’s capable hands.

The Underground Home is a secret place. Noone knows where it is. It is a
happy, warm place. There is only one room with abig
fireplace[1].Tinker Bell has
her tiny[2]room too.

Wendy is a perfect mother. She cooks andsews for everyone. She also
tells beautiful bedtime stories. The Lost Boys arehappy because they
finally have a mother. John and Michael are happy becausethere is a new
adventure[3]every day.

Ms. Barnes.
How very deep throat of you.
Well, I can’t help you dispatch a president. How about a senator? The
editorial on the Camp David Accords. It is the opinion of this newspaper
that President Carter demand Israel withdraw all its citizens from the
Gaza strip and West Bank.
Which it has illegally occupied since 1967. Illegally occupied.
That’s quite an incendiary quote, don’t you think? For an administration
that says that the Middle East is its top foreign policy priority.
Michael Kern? Did he personally write the editorial?
He was the editor.
But did he write it himself? Then there’s no story.
I’m saying it’s a question worth asking.
And if he denies involvement?
He will. Let him. This is a man trying to be confirmed as Secretary of
State. Everything is a story.
There’s no direct link. I can’t get this past Hammerchmidt.
Remember this moment when you resisted me, when you said the words “Then
there is no story.” Get a good night’s sleep, Ms. Barnes. You have a big
day tomorrow.

Peter Pan is a perfect father. He bringshome food and protects the

Wendy and Peter play with the children andlaugh with them.

furious 狂怒的,暴怒的
brand 某种类型的幽默/政治/宗教等
formidable adj. 强大的;可怕的;令人敬畏的;艰难的
dignified adj. 庄严的;有尊严的;高贵的
relinquish vt. 放弃;放手;让渡
incendiary 〔演讲、文章等〕煽动性的

But one night something happens. Wendytells the children this bedtime

“In the big city of London there aretwo parents. They are very sad
because they cannot find their three children.Every night they leave the
nursery window open. They wait and wait for theirchildren to return. But
they don’t return. Poor parents! They are very sadwithout their

at a first impression 从第一印象,乍一看,初看
point fingers (at) 推卸责任
be vital to 对…极其重要
be up to here with sth/sb 达到饱和程度,达到厌倦程度,达到忍受不了的程度
be of a mind 意见一致
fall on 跌倒在……之上,掉落在……之上
wheeler dealer 倒爷长袖善舞的人追求利益的人精明的人
come to sb for sth 向某人寻求什么(帮助,咨询)
dampen one’s mood 弄坏某人的心情
fulfill one’s destiny 完成某人的使命
deep throat 秘密信息的匿名来源

“Oh, Wendy, this is the story of ourparents,”says John.

“Yes, it is,” says Michael.

I have no idea + 从句 我对…毫不知情
It doesn’t matter + 从句 …并不重要
crave sth more than anything 最想要的是某物
I could only…if I knew… 只有我知道什么(实际并不一定知道,虚拟语气)…我才能…
Part of me… 用于表示“我有一点点…"
I feel very confident doing sth 对于做什么我非常有信心
question worth asking 某东西值得怎么样
What does it look like? 这看起来是什么?(用于启发别人)
Give it a try 试一下。注意常用动词give+名词替代动词的用法

Peter listens and says, “Sometimesparents forget their children and
other children take their

Wendy is very surprised. “Oh, no!”she says! “Perhaps there are other
children in our beds! John, Michael wemust go home!”

“Do we really have to?” ask Johnand Michael.

“Yes, we’ve got to[5]return

The Lost Boys are sad and say, “Oh,Wendy, please don’t leave us!”

“Don’t be sad. You can come and livewith us in London,” says Wendy.

“Oh, how wonderful!” the LostBoys say. “We can have a real family.” They
jump up and down withjoy. They dance around the room.

But Peter is not happy. He is very seriousand says, “I’m not coming With
you to London. I don’t want to grow up. Iwant to be a boy forever.”

Everyone says goodbye to Peter.

Outside, the pirates are waiting for them!The children come out of the
underground home and the pirates
capture[6]them, Then they take
them to the Jolly Roger. They don’t make any noise. Peterdoesn’t know
where they are.

He is sad without Wendy, lohu, Michael andthe Lost Boys. He sits and

“Tap[7],tap, tap!” There is
someone at the door. “Who is it?” asksPeter.

He can hear the sound of little bells andopens the door.

Tinker Bell flies in and says, “Thepirates have got Wendy, John, Michael
and the Lost Boys! They are in
danger[8].Let’s help them.”

“I must save them. Come Tink, let’s goto the folly Roger! This time I
must attack Hook!”

Chapter Six: The Jolly Roger

There is a yellow moon in the night sky.The Jolly Roger is in the bay
near Kidd’s Creek. The children are on the pirateship. They are
prisoners of Captain Hook and his cruel pirates.

Captain Hook looks at them and says, “Thistime it’s Peter Pan or me! You
idiots! Peter Pan can’t save you now.” Hooklaughs and then calls Smee.
“Smee, get the plank[9]ready!”

“Yes sir!” says Smee.

“Now listen to me,” says Hook, “Youmust all walk the plank!”

“Walk the plank?” asks John.

“Yes! First you walk the plank andthen you fall into the sea with the
crocodile. It will eat you! Ha, ha!” laughsHook, “But I can save two of
you. I want two young pirates. Who wants tobe a pirate?”

The Lost Boys look at John. John looks at Michaeland says , “The life of
a pirate is exciting. I don’t want to walk theplank. I don’t want to be
food for the crocodile. Let’s be pirates!”Michael looks at his brother.
Then they look at Wendy. She doesn’t like theiridea.

Captain Hook laughs and moves his hook infront of their faces.

“Do you want to be pirates, yes or no?”he asks.

John and Michael say, “Never!”

Captain Hook is angry and says, “Thenyou must walk the plank and die!”

Wendy is afraid. She loves her brothers andthe Lost Boys. She has tears
in her eyes.

The boys stand near the plank and Wendywatches them. A pirate asks, “Who
is the first to walk the plank? “

At that moment there is a loud noise. “Tick!Tock! Tick! Tock!”

Captain Hook’s face is white. He says, “Thecrocodile is here. He wants
ME!” He runs to his
cabin[10]and hides there.

“Who is the first to walk the plank?”asks a pirate. “Come on! Let’s go!
The crocodile is hungry.”

Suddenly Peter Pan appears on the pirateship. Tinker Bell follows him.
Wendy and the boys
cheer[11].They are very happy
to see their young hero.

Hook and his pirates are furious. Hooktakes his sword and says, “I want
to fight you, Pan! Tonight you will die!”

Hook fights with his long sword and withhis hook. Peter fights
courageously. He pushes Hook to the back of the ship. Itis a
terrible[12]fight. John,
Michael and the Lost Boys fight the pirates. After a long fightthey
throw the pirates into the sea.

Peter and Hook move all around the bigship. Their swords make a loud
noise. Suddenly Peter takes Hook’s sword andpushes him into the sea.

Hook shouts, “Oh, No!” He fallsinto the sea and into the mouth of the
hungry crocodile.

“Oh, Peter, we are
proud[13]of you!” says Wendy.
She kisses him on the cheek. The boys cheer. Petersmiles and says, “The
Jolly Roger is ours now. Let’s go home!”


[2]tiny :极小的。

[3]adventure :奇遇。

[4]take their place

[5]we’ve got to



[8]in danger:有危险。






中间 爱丽斯梦游仙境

Chapter Two: The Pool of Tears

‘Curiouser and curiouser. I’m growing again,’ cries Alice, who is
forgetting how to speak English correctly. She is very big; her head is
is hitting the ceiling. ‘Now I can take the key on the table,’ Alice
thinks. She takes the little golden key and runs to the door.
Unfortunately Alice can’t go into the garden. She is too big.

She sits down and starts to cry again. Her tears are so big that they
make a big pool.

‘What a silly girl,’ she says to herself,’ to cry like this. A big girl
like you.

Stop crying!’ Alice tells herself but she can’t stop.

A short time later she hears something. There is someone running towards
her. It is the White rabbit. He looks very elegant . He has white gloves
in one hand and a fan in his other hand.

‘Oh! The Duchess, the Duchess! She’ll be angry because I’m late,’ the
Rabbit is saying to himself.

Alice asks the Rabbit for help in a timid voice: ‘If you please, sir…’

The White Rabbit jumps. When he sees Alice, he is so frightened that he
drops his fan and his gloves. He runs away down the ball very, very

Alice picks up the gloves and the fan. It is very hot in the ball so she
starts to fan herself. She feels more confused: ‘Oh dear, dear! How
strange are things today! I was myself yesterday, but things are not the
same today. If I’m not me, who am I?’

Just then she looks at her hands and there it is: the Rabbit’s glove.

Alice is wearing it. ‘I’m growing small again,’ she thinks.

She tries to open the door but it is locked. The key is on the table and
Alice is too small to take it.

Alice is growing smaller.

Suddenly … SPLASH… she falls into a lot of water.

‘I’m in the sea,’ she thinks.

It is not the sea. It is the pool of Alice’s tears.

‘Why have I cried so much?’ Alice is not alone in the water. A mouse is
splashing near her. Alice is very tired of swimming in the pool so she
asks the Mouse, ‘Do you know the way out of this pool?’

The Mouse doesn’t answer.

‘Perhaps he doesn’t speak English,’ thinks Alice.

‘Is it a French mouse?’ Alice wonders, so she tries with some words from
her French grammar book.

‘Ou est ma chatte? ‘ The Mouse jumps out of the water. He is very
frightened. ‘Oh sorry,’ says Alice, ‘you don’t like cats.’

‘Don’t like cats … Of course I don’t like cats! I’m a mouse!’ answers
the Mouse.

‘Of course not, but I think you’ll like Dinah. She is very good. She
catches all the mice! Oh, sorry, sorry. We won’t talk about her any
more,’ says Alice.

‘No, we won’t!’ says the Mouse, ‘my family hates cats!’

Alice wants to talk about something else. She asks the Mouse: ‘Do you
like dogs?’

The Mouse doesn’t answer so Alice goes on: ‘There’s a nice dog near our
house. He likes playing with children. He lives on a farm and is very
good at catching m … oh, sorry!’

The Mouse is very angry. He goes out of the water. Alice follows him.

In the pool there are other strange animals: a duck, a dodo, a parrot
and a small eagle.

Alice has some company at last!